We work closely with our clients to enhance their performance. To achieve their goals we developed a wide range of highly efficient technological solutions.

The E-learning Guild found that:

  • 78% of organisations need faster development.
  • 70% need to reduce development costs.

With more than 10 years of expertise, implementing an e-learning solution is a robust way to improve your employees´ productivity consequently we constantly upgrade our technologies in order to meet your workforce needs.


Our services portfolio is composed by:

Moodle: Development & Plugins Selection

With focus on to improve your LMS performances, we choose Moodle plugins. They have specials features, that will match your specific needs. You will be able to experience with the most powerful LMS. We also specialize in plugin developments which best fit your requirements. We can customize your LMS so that you can make the most of it.

Read more about our Moodle plugins selection and development

LMS Integration and Migration:

If you want to improve your ERP or HRIS software performance we can integrate it with your LMS. You will have all the information available in one place. If your LMS is obsolete, or you want to switch to a more powerful tool, we are available to migrate all your LSM information to the new platform.

Read more about our Integration and Migration solutions

Content design:

We offer customized content design to our clients. We are used to working with a wide range of industries and we learn what is specific to each one. Our contents are designed and aligned to match your organizational goals and the industry demand.

Read more about our Content Design solution

Localization and translation:

Our experience working in a worldwide environment shows us the importance of developing customized solutions to enhance companies performance. We can adapt our services to a specific environment. We are also specialists in translations, we count with a qualified team proficient in several languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese.

Read more about our Localization and Translation solutions


Our proven track record in implementing technological solutions has given us a high level of expertise. We have become experts in offering a customized response to your needs. We have the ability and knowledge to assist you through the entire process, from planning to start-up.

Read more about Consultancy


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