Quality Assurance

Quality is a major concern for e-ABC, that´s the reason why the company decided to implement the ISO 9001 norm. We are certified since 2010, to insure commitment and best practices.
Our objective is to give the best solution to our customers. To reach this goal, we work with quality standards in order to improve our practices every day.
Dedicated to implement technological solutions and customized online development contents, the company follows a quality policy, verified and certified, with the objective to give the customer the highest quality service.

e-ABC quality service is based on the following pillars:

  • A quality management system which promotes the continuous improvement of products and services, in order to fully satisfy our current and future clients.
  • Establish efficient communication channels, through a dynamic interaction with the clients.
  • Acknowledge the workforce as a highly qualified team, that delivers an excellent service.
  • Promote the awareness of and the commitment to quality.
  • Insure constant training

According to Carlos Biscay, CEO of e-ABC

“We count with a qualified team of projects coordinators, pedagogical experts, writers, programmers, graphic designers and quality assurance staff who ensure an excellent service from the beginning of each project to the implementation of the solution. We complement the benefits of the virtual learning with the process of knowledge management. We have the experience, knowledge and freedom to identify accurate technological solutions, and we thus deliver an integral response to our customer in view on their objective. We, becoming for them, rather than a supplier, a strategical partner.”

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