Clients’ testimonials


-Name and title?
-Nicolas Dellepiane, Chief Applications Developpment Officer.
-With whom did you work before contracting e-ABC?
-We were working with another services provider.
-Did you have a specific issue to solve?
-Yes, we had two issues to solve. First, we experienced troubles with the Scorm Registration of the courses.  The courses had some issues when registering progress of each student. It was impossible to do a trustworthy follow up of the results and measure participants' learning. Second issue, we needed to do a LMS datacenter migration with some special integrations (Oracle authentication, security issues) and it was done by e-ABC.
-How did you learn about the company?
In a workshop organized by e-ABC, about e-Learning 2.0, news and trends.
-How was the experience with e-ABC then and how is it nowadays?
-Very satisfactory, they fixed our issues in a very efficient way. Their staff was very attentive, very dedicated and professional. I will definitely recommend them to colleagues.

Ameritas College Educational Services

Dear e-ABC team,

I would like to take a few minutes and let you know that our team is
very impressed with the quality, commitment and professionalism of the
e-ABC team. The project coordinator, is an angel, who never loses
patience and the technical team who come to our meetings has been
fundamental to move forward with the project in the right direction.

We rarely take the time to thank those who work for us in our
projects, a lot of times hiding behind the sentence: “we pay them
for that”. Truth is, we are very satisfied with the support we have found
in this team.

Thank you.

Carmen (Lizy) Lamboy-Naughton, Ed.D.

Chief Academic Officer

Ameritas College Educational Services, LLC

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